A Moth To A Flame

Coming Soon….

Madeline & The Serial Killer That Loved Her
(Coming Winter 2018)

Blurb coming soon…

Immaculate & Immoral
(Coming March 2019)

Immaculate & Immoral is an erotic romance that traverses thru the lives of 7 peculiar couples over the course of 72 hours. What starts as an innocent argument between a thug and his salacious hoe at the local church, dominoes into betrayal, deceit, desire and destiny.

A Love, Untitled: Sound The Trumpets
(Coming Fall 2019)

A Love, Untitled will take you on a unique transcendental experience that will have you questioning your own fate and purpose on this planet. M.L Amora has created an erotic tale that is heavily cloaked in dark romance and peppered with sci-fi thrills. A revealing tale which exposes the forces of good and evil and the meaning of true love.