M.L Amora

Queen Amora will take you on a guide atop the mountains of god, amongst the tree’s of earth and under the sun of our universe to teach you about the the shadows that live deep inside mankind.

She currently lives on earth and is busy pushing out poetry and hustling a couple novels with a hopeful release by December 2018. Her life purpose is to take over the world by capturing and devouring measly souls one by one with each of her books that she methodically writes to enrapture your very essence, which allows her to thrive within the darkness.

Currently she enjoys writing romance and sci-fi with Mary Jane by her side and a glass of wine. You will find that gansta rap, oldies, motown and classical pieces are among her favorite music genres to listen to while she produces her lifes work. Stories that might help shape the world into a new place.

Amora enjoys writing about romance, love and tragedy. She writes stories for her soulmate. Creating stories that can live as memories they will make in a future life or other dimension. But the greatest story she could tell about the two of them, can never be written, for It’s the saddest tale of all.


From the author

Mona Lisa Amora is a Pen name I chose to use for my identity as an author. Mona Lisa has had the popularity traversing decades of time only to still be a mystery in the minds of the people that admire her. Everyone wondering what her smile was all about. I suppose I like the idea of writing on behalf of what Mona Lisa was thinking. She has a little smirk similar to my own. She’s also probably not considered to be the most beautiful woman of her time, but she was still painted in her innocent moment. Considered beautiful by everyone that admires her. For those reasons alone, I feel my naming appropriately fit me well. The name Amora in Spanish (from Spain) stands for love.